Vienna Medical Doctors' Ball - 27th of January

Wiener Blut, Wiener Blut! Eig'ner Saft, Voller Kraft, Voller Glut.
Wiener Blut, selt'nes Gut, Du erhebst, Du belebst Unser’n Mut!
Wiener Blut, Wiener Blut! Was die Stadt Schönes hat, in dir ruht!
Wiener Blut, Heiße Flut! Allerort gilt das Wort: Wiener Blut!

The unforgettable melody from the operetta of the same name by Johann Strauss.

Take a musical trip around Vienna with the Vienna Medical Doctors' Ball and let yourself be carried away into the world of „Viennese Blood" - there will be unforgettable melodies to dance and sing to as well as a supporting program with second to none decorative highlights.


Donation handed over to "DEBRA Austria"

Retrospective of the
years 2015 - 2017

The 67th Vienna Medical Doctors' Ball